This charitable incorporation was funded on 2005 by Deacon Dr. A. B. upon the appearance of Sainte Mary to him at his residence in 1999 and when he was on his bed at hospital Sacre Care hospital during his treatment from his accident on Good Friday on 2002.In addition to other miracles done to him by Pop Kyrollos & St. Mina. In addition to the founder visit to Egypt and was affected with the incredible sufferings of the poor families.

This charitable incorporation is growing with the help of The Sainte Mary and received many miracles to be continued and to grow since was started to donate around 20 families and now is donating monthly for more than two hundred families. The majority of these donations are done by one family in Canada.
The collected donations are sent in advance every two months to Egypt by 100%.

This Charitable Mere De LA Lumiere inc. Is donating to the following districts, cities and villages in Egypt :-

1- Pop Kyrollos El Tanona.
2- Samalote .
3- Elmenia
4- Atfieh
5- Heliopolis Cairo
6- Port Saied

Our goal is to support 5000 families in Egypt and to spread to more & more families in Africa..